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Plushopedic™ Adjustable Memory Fluff Pillow


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The Plushopedic™ Memory Fluff Pillow is a favourite that combines the adaptive support of memory foam and the plush comfort of a classic pillow. Unlike standard fiber-filled pillows that flex your neck upwards and rebound everytime you move, the Plushopedic™ pillow’s viscoelastic memory fluff cushions your head, cradles your neck, and disperses motion – like a hug from a giant teddy bear!

  • Special memory fluff filling sinks more in the centre where your head rests, while remaining comfortably supportive under your neck where you need it.
  • Adapts to back-sleepers, side-sleepers, and combination-sleepers.
  • Easily remove and store away filling to adjust pillow loft.
  • Can be fluffed to achieve your desired pillow loft and shape.
  • Luxurious, feathery-soft protector made of natural bamboo lyocell serves as a barrier against secretions and dirt.
  • Super-breathable pillow protector allows airflow throughout the pillow, keeping you cool and fast asleep throughout the night.
  • Durable memory fluff maintains volume and support for years and years – unlike traditional fiber fillings – and even re-fluffs itself!
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Ergopedic Memory Foam Contour Neck Pillow


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The ergonomic contours of the Ergopedic Memory Foam Contour Neck Pillow creates a flatter pillow that still provides excellent neck support for all sleeping positions.

  • Side sleepers: Loftier 10 cm cervical support ridge to accommodate your shoulder width.
  • Back sleepers: Lower 7 cm cervical support ridge cradles your neck while aligning your head with your spine.
  • Viscoelastic memory foam cradles your head and redistributes supportive pressure around your neck to provide excellent support without feeling hard or unforgiving.
  • High quality injection-molded memory foam that delivers consistent neck support for years.
  • Doesn’t require fluffing or shaping.
  • Dimpled pattern separates the protector and your pillowcase so they stay breathable.